# Playback Event

Meaning of Playback Event

Event Type Description
playback.ready Ready to play video
playback.first_play_start Start playing video for the first time
playback.buffering_start Start buffering
playback.buffering_stop Stop buffering
playback.error Error occurred while playing video
playback.seeking_start Start seeking
playback.seeking_stop Stop seeking
playback.play Start playing video
playback.pause Pause playing video
playback.media_segment_downloaded Downloaded media segment
playback.buffer_healthcheck Buffer health check
playback.stuck Video playback stuck
playback.rate_change Change video playback rate
playback.end End of video playback
playback.exit Exit video playback
playback.player_resize Resize player
playback.resolution_change Change video resolution
playback.load_start Start loading data
playback.loaded_data Data has been loaded